The en-suite bathroom is a place for personal luxury, somewhere the kids aren’t allowed to mess up things up! Somewhere you can have exactly what YOU want. Somewhere you can put into place all the best bits of all the hotel bathrooms you’ve ever been in.

As one of our customers once said…

“I could spend a similar amount of money on a posh handbag, use it a little…only to have it sit in the back of a cupboard for years after. Yet the same amount of money could be far better spent on a beautiful en-suite walk in wet room! We are going to get far more use out of a shower room and ‘we’ are going to see and enjoy it ‘everyday’ for a long time!”

Well…that was the argument our customer put to her partner, who i guess was the main man behind the payments for the items going in! What better reason could you have when agreeing that little extra cost for slightly more luxurious items, when payment is coming out of the ‘joint’ account!! Well said we believe!

Of course the quality level you look for in the items to be fitted in your new en-suite wet room will have a big bearing on the final cost of your project. In some cases we can help here by ordering through our suppliers. As we are not looking to fund a showroom from within our quotes we can often find the same items for less as part the complete job.

If you have already chosen the items and done a super deal with a bathroom store, we are happy to quote for just ripping out the old and fitting the new. It is nice to get the chance to give a little advise on things, especially tiles, before the final decisions are made, but by no means essential. One example here are tile stores that have lovely looking tiles that are a nightmare to put up. The tilers avoid them unless they agree extra money in advance so the tile shop sell them cheaper on special offer. This attracts customers who haven’t spoken to the tiler when choosing, who then charges them more than expected to do the same job!

We are free to chat to and happy to spend a little time on the phone with you, so there is nothing to lose…only something to gain!

We’re here to help, whatever way you want to get your project done, so why not drop us a line on the form below…