Super modern, traditional retro, or fabulously stylish is what we do best!

Although Rhombus design and fit wet rooms, walk in showers and bathrooms in and around Romsey, Winchester and Southampton, what we really love to do is create something special! Something traditional, retro, stylistic or modern, something really artistic! Something that is a bit of a challenge, something that will really test our skills!

The world of shower and bathroom products is always on the change and there is always something new and innovative coming on to the market. This is what keeps the job interesting for us and provides the customer with something really special. Something you couldn’t just buy off the shelf from the big high street names.

This is where we love to hear the ideals of our customers…no matter how ‘far out there’ or ‘weird and wonderful’! You dream up the ideas, we discuss them with you, find a working solution and bring your dreams to life.

We regular put designs together from scratch, so if you want to bat around a few ideas first we are more than happy to make an initial visit. You can run your ideas past us and we can add some practical advise from our knowledge of fitting many different items. Enabling you to come up with something that is not only really special but functions superbly as well!

Kick over a few ideas on the form below and we’ll be straight back in touch.